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Your Success is Our Commitment

At LQ International, our philosophy is simple...to produce fabulous outdoor furniture combining QUALITY and VALUE. We bring together the best of East and West, emphasizing on attractive designs, high standards of quality, precise delivery planning, and competitive pricing.

Each piece of furniture that comes from our factory is lovingly woven by hand and our rigorous testing insures that it’s built to last. Since 2003, we have developed a rich manufacturing experience in supplying for many furniture exporters. Today, our highly skilled weavers and quality controllers, together with a dedicated export sales department and designers are working cohesively under a strong TEAM ethic (Together, Everybody, Achieves, More). Our TEAM is ready to deliver your SUCCESS.

Taking care of business means taking care of others

Business is often a choice between making profit and doing good. At LQ International, we are not willing to choose one or another. We choose both. We believe that the success of a company is measured by values like “integrity” and “commitment” as much as by targets like “efficiency” and “profitability.” Therefore, we carefully consider the human aspect and the environment throughout the production process.

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